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We are almost there, Kumquats!

Posted on: December 24, 2009

Okki, so as we all know Christmas is tomorrow (YAY!) I hope your all super excited because I know I am!

I just love all the christmas movies they play on t.v. the ones you totally love, but kinda forget about over the year and you see them again and you like “OH YAAAAAAA! I LOVE THIS ONE!”

I also love the pretty lights that everyone puts up this time of year, Oh! Let’s not forget the christmas carols! You got to love those, granted I have been singing Christmas carols during July, but whatever. I hope that everyone will have a great christmas filled with family and fun, because it’s nice to have family around on Christmas, especially if you don’t get to see them very often.

I’d say the only thing that I don’t particularly like about this season is the snow. I hate being cold, and I hate cold things….Why can’t snow be warm and neon colored? That would be super awesome! I guess it still would be awesome if it was cold…so I can live with that…but I also like the whiteness of snow…but still! There could be neon colored snow and white snow…and no yellow or brown, because we have to have some way to tell if the snow has been…well…you know….anyways…that’s all I really came to say…

Love Always, Kiki and the Giraffe


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