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Rolling in the New Year!

Posted on: January 1, 2010

New Year’s is almost here, Kumquats!!! At least where I’m at…it is currently 11:53.

My house is alive with the whole family…besides my little brother, Rhett, who my mom is now trying to wake up.

My dad and older brother, Troy, are playing Guitar Hero: Van Halen, I’m blogging, Trish is…putting boots on, Rhett is now awake, my mom is getting the New Year drinks, and Gwen is…also putting on boots.

I hope this New Year will bring great joy from friends and family (and maybe even my major crush 😉 )

I’m actually not that bummed to go back to school on Monday. I’ll get to see all of my beautimus friends again! (Okki, Okki, and my crush)

I also hope you all have a great New Year as we enter into 2010, may your lives be filled with greatness and joy and fun and and and…*sigh* you get the point…

Love Forever, Love Always,

Kiki and her loverly Giraffe


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