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Peace and Love, Camper

Posted on: January 11, 2010

Hi, Kumquats! I’m so glad that it’s the weekend…even though tomorrow is Monday, But I don’t mind. although I DO have to recite a poem and take a test in history…but that’s okki because I am SOOOOO ready!

Well yesterday on Facebook I read that my crush is in a complicated relationship…it’s okki though! I’m super happy! I realized something yesterday while I was semi-sad…and the thing is: It’s okki if he likes another girl and they are together. I mean, if he didn’t like me that’s okki, there are so many other fabulous guys out there.

My out look on life and all that stuff is changed, I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent, woman and I am totally worth it. So all I have to do is wait for that special someone to come around. Which reminds me about that cute guy in my math class…¬† ;^)

I’m so glad that I have all these fabulous friends to get me through the good and the bad. That there is someone out there for me. I think that there has to be someone out there for everyone, right? You just got to know where to look, if you don’t try and sulk around all day how is the amazing you inside suppose to shine???? You don’t need to fallow stupid trends and don’t need¬† to be “popular” just get out there and be who you REALLY are because you will be admired and you’ll be happy and that someone who you’ve been looking for will apper…*sigh*

Well I should go…

I love you guys, don’t change a thing!

Kiki (the Giraffes on vacation)


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