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Hi, Kumquats! I’m so glad that it’s the weekend…even though tomorrow is Monday, But I don’t mind. although I DO have to recite a poem and take a test in history…but that’s okki because I am SOOOOO ready!

Well yesterday on Facebook I read that my crush is in a complicated relationship…it’s okki though! I’m super happy! I realized something yesterday while I was semi-sad…and the thing is: It’s okki if he likes another girl and they are together. I mean, if he didn’t like me that’s okki, there are so many other fabulous guys out there.

My out look on life and all that stuff is changed, I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent, woman and I am totally worth it. So all I have to do is wait for that special someone to come around. Which reminds me about that cute guy in my math class…  ;^)

I’m so glad that I have all these fabulous friends to get me through the good and the bad. That there is someone out there for me. I think that there has to be someone out there for everyone, right? You just got to know where to look, if you don’t try and sulk around all day how is the amazing you inside suppose to shine???? You don’t need to fallow stupid trends and don’t need  to be “popular” just get out there and be who you REALLY are because you will be admired and you’ll be happy and that someone who you’ve been looking for will apper…*sigh*

Well I should go…

I love you guys, don’t change a thing!

Kiki (the Giraffes on vacation)


New Year’s is almost here, Kumquats!!! At least where I’m at…it is currently 11:53.

My house is alive with the whole family…besides my little brother, Rhett, who my mom is now trying to wake up.

My dad and older brother, Troy, are playing Guitar Hero: Van Halen, I’m blogging, Trish is…putting boots on, Rhett is now awake, my mom is getting the New Year drinks, and Gwen is…also putting on boots.

I hope this New Year will bring great joy from friends and family (and maybe even my major crush 😉 )

I’m actually not that bummed to go back to school on Monday. I’ll get to see all of my beautimus friends again! (Okki, Okki, and my crush)

I also hope you all have a great New Year as we enter into 2010, may your lives be filled with greatness and joy and fun and and and…*sigh* you get the point…

Love Forever, Love Always,

Kiki and her loverly Giraffe

Okki, so as we all know Christmas is tomorrow (YAY!) I hope your all super excited because I know I am!

I just love all the christmas movies they play on t.v. the ones you totally love, but kinda forget about over the year and you see them again and you like “OH YAAAAAAA! I LOVE THIS ONE!”

I also love the pretty lights that everyone puts up this time of year, Oh! Let’s not forget the christmas carols! You got to love those, granted I have been singing Christmas carols during July, but whatever. I hope that everyone will have a great christmas filled with family and fun, because it’s nice to have family around on Christmas, especially if you don’t get to see them very often.

I’d say the only thing that I don’t particularly like about this season is the snow. I hate being cold, and I hate cold things….Why can’t snow be warm and neon colored? That would be super awesome! I guess it still would be awesome if it was cold…so I can live with that…but I also like the whiteness of snow…but still! There could be neon colored snow and white snow…and no yellow or brown, because we have to have some way to tell if the snow has been…well…you know….anyways…that’s all I really came to say…

Love Always, Kiki and the Giraffe

Hi everyone out there…if there IS anyone out there I should say. Today is my first blog so it may not be very interesting, maybe none of my blogs will be interesting, because maybe my life isn’t interesting, in fact the best word to describe my life would be average (Yes I read MLIA)

Anyways I just finish watching Julie and Julia and it inspired me to actually write in my blog 😛  The movie was pretty good, but the ending was just a little iffy, but then again it’s based on a true story so you can’t really change how it ended.

I’ve really done nothing today, but read. I just finished The Hunger Games it was an excellent book. If you haven’t read it then you should. For those who have though, I can’t decide who I like more…I’m torn between Peeta and Gale and just can’t choose! GRRR! Although over all (Not including Katniss, I have no idea about her awesomeness) my favorite person is, by far, Rue. Then Foxface, but since I can’t decide between Peeta and Gale I don’t know where they fall, so I can’t include them in this list.

I suppose it goes something like this:

Rue, Foxface, Haymitch, Prim, Cinna, and Effie.

Some people would argue that Prim should be before, at least, Haymitch, and maybe Foxface, but the reason she is there is because you don’t get to know her as well as Foxface and Haymitch. I mean sure you get to hear about her from Katniss, but I mean in a different way, you know???

Anyways, reading this book (and afterwards) I asked myself if I thought I could win the hunger games…I thought about this for a long time and came up with: Probably. I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer then that. In ways I am like Katniss, Rue, and Foxface combined. That’s kinda who I am. A KatRueFace.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for some reason I wanted Effie and Haymitch to end up together…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just weird…

That’s all I really have for today, so see you guys next time.

Love Always, Kiki, with air kisses from the Giraffe.


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